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Installing Bitdefender on XP or Vista? We’ve got you covered

We are adding Bitdefender for XP & Vista to your subscription, free of charge. You’ll need to install Bitdefender for XP & Vista on your systems running Windows XP or Windows Vista, as our 2018 line is designed for newer operating systems.

Just click or tap the button below to get the download link.

Remember, you’ll need to install Bitdefender for XP & Vista only on your machines running Windows XP or Windows Vista. If your subscription covers more than one device, you’ll still be able to install the 2018 solution you purchased. To protect your PCs running a more recent OS, as well as your Macs or your Android devices, depending on your subscription, please go to your Bitdefender Central account and follow the installation steps.

By clicking on the button below, you agree to changing your subscription to include Bitdefender for XP & Vista.

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